When:  Wednesday, June 21st, 1995

     Where:  Room 1E06
	     PC EXPO '95 in N.Y.C.
	     Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
	     12th Avenue and 34th Street

      Time:  5:30 PM  (about 1/2 hour after the show)


   Speaker:  Panel Discussion.
             Moderator: Robert Weiner/Programming Plus

	** Note that this meeting is free and open to the public **

	We hope to touch on a variety of issues which should be of concern
	to users new to the Internet.  The discussion will include
	information about using the Internet from DOS, Windows and Unix.
	Topics which will be discussed include:

		- Methods of Connection to the Internet
		- IP Numbers
		- Domain Name Entries
		- Electronic Mail
		- Applications (like Mosaic, FTP, News)
		- Required Software
		- Firewalling
		- Realities, What You Should Expect

	Please mark this meeting on your calendar and join us!
	Please tell your friends about Unigroup!



Unigroup is one of the oldest and largest Unix User's Group serving the
Greater New York City Regional Area.  Unigroup is not-for-profit,
vendor-neutral and member funded.  Unigroup holds regular and special event
meetings throughout the year on technical topics relating to Unix and the
Unix User Community.  Unigroup regularly exhibits at various trade shows
in NYC including PC EXPO and UNIX EXPO.  Unigroup is also the Greater N.Y.C.
Regional Affiliate of UniForum, an International Unix Users Group. 

Thanks to Chemical Bank, Unigroup holds regular meetings planned for
the Third THURSDAY of Odd Months at Chemical Bank, 55 Water Street, NYC.
Planned meeting dates are: 7/20/95, 9/21/95, 11/16/95...
Watch for our Special Event meetings at the various trade shows in NYC.

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= For Unigroup Information, Events and Meeting Announcements be sure to =
= visit our World Wide Web Home Page:					=
=									=
=	http://www.unigroup.org/unigroup				=
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To renew your dues, pay your yearly membership or for general information,
 contact Unigroup of NY by USmail:
	Unigroup of New York, Inc., G.P.O. Box 1931, New York, NY 10116-1931

For further information or to get on the Unigroup Electronic Mail Mailing List
 send an EMail message to:
	unilist@unigroup.org  or  uunet!unigroup.org!unilist

To contact the Board of Directors of Unigroup, send an EMail message to:

To contact the Newsletter Editor, send an EMail message to:

Unigroup Membership Fee Schedule:
	Yearly Membership:				$  50.00
	Single Meeting:					$  20.00
	Student Yearly Membership:			$  20.00
	Student Single Meeting:				$   5.00
==>	UniForum/Unigroup Joint Yearly Membership	$ 125.00
	Cash, Check, American Express.

==>	Unigroup is the Greater NYC Regional Area Affiliate
	of UniForum - an International Unix Users Group.
	Our Joint Membership Program gives you FULL membership
	in both organizations for a discounted price.

Unigroup's Regular Meeting Location:
	Chemical Bank
	55 Water Street (enter at Old Slip, North Tower Entrance to 13th Floor)
	South Tower, 13th Floor Conference Room (follow the signs)



Unigroup is currently working on filling our 1995 meeting schedule.
We currently have the following topics in mind:

	- So You Want to Connect to the Internet?	- June '95 - PC EXPO.
	- IP version 6
	- NFS						- Sept '95
	- Domain Name System (DNS)
	- NIS+						- Nov  '95
	- Privacy and Encryption (including PGP)
	- Multimedia Enhanced EMail - MIME/Metamail
	- Unix Administration Tools: crash & fsdb
	- Kerberos
	- Object Oriented Databases
	- Fault Tolerant Unix

PLEASE let us know immediately if you:

	- Can give us a presentation on one of these topics
	- Know of a speaker for one of the these topics
	- Have another topic you think we should address
	- Can help us plan one or more meetings - be a meeting coordinator.



Unigroup's Newsletter has been restarted by Ross Ziskind, our current
newsletter editor.

To keep the newsletter going, the two biggest problems to overcome are:

	a) Volunteers to see that it gets out
	b) Content material

If you have any ideas or can help contribute to our newsletter, please make
them known at our meetings and/or let us know by EMail.  If you know anyone
who has experience in sending out a newsletter, we can always use some good
advice.  Ross can be reached via email at "editor@unigroup.org".



PC EXPO will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on the following
days and times:

	Tuesday		June 20, 1995		10:00 am - 5:00 pm
	Wednesday	June 21, 1995		 9:30 am - 5:00 pm	*
	Thursday	June 22, 1995		 9:30 am - 4:00 pm	*

					* (Level 3 opens at 10am on Wed & Thu.)

Unigroup was informed that the PC EXPO Advance Registration Guest Passes
*WILL* be accepted on site at the show.

Information about this show (and others) may be obtained via the Web:

As usual, Unigroup will be exhibiting at PC EXPO in Booth 158 and we again
ask for volunteers to help us staff our booth.  If you can offer any time
from an hour to half or a full day, we would greatly appreciate it.  Please
contact us immediately if you think you can help us out.


I hope to see you all at Unigroup's PC EXPO '95 meeting...

-Rob Weiner
 Unigroup Executive Director

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